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Lightup fishing rods for the night time fisherman. Your favorite fishing rod by day and your ONLY pole for night time fishing.
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Our Products

Line: 10-25 lb. class

Lure: 1 – 3 oz. weights

11’ Two-piece
Surf Casting Rod

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Usage: Off-shore fishing

Line: 15-30 lb. class

Lure: 2-4 oz.

7’ Medium
Heavy Action Rod

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Conventional or Spinning reel

Line: 20-40 lb. class

Lure: 3-5 oz.

Our Philosophy

Your favorite fishing rod by day and your ONLY pole for nighttime fishing. Our preference leans towards lighter weight designs that give the pole more action for a better feeling fight — so you can enjoy a more sporting fishing experience. “More bites more fights!” Catch more fish — reduce the frustration. Night Bite Rods creates high quality equipment for fishermen that really want the most out of their leisure time, day or night.